Individuals. Teams. Organizations.

Ignite knowledge sharing, learning, and change through tailored communities of practice.

Amplify Knowledge Sharing

Reduce Friction of Hybrid Teams

Hone Future-Ready Skills

Clarify and Align Productivity

Heighten Communication via Behavioral Tools

Engage through Performance Coaching

Because Communities of Practice build and share knowledge, they reimagine ways teams can dramatically impact the business

The 12-Week Geniopath™ Community of Practice Program:​

  • Establish a culture where sharing the good stuff people know is expected, and where learning is rewarded.
  • Leverage members’ stories to clarify complex “why we do what we do” processes.
  • Standardize and socialize best practices.
  • Use highly-regarded digital assessment tools to influence positive behaviors in communication and collaboration.
  • Coach for professional development and mastery of subject matter.
  • Tailor for your team – not a “canned” program.
  • Benefit from research conducted across several renowned university campuses, hundreds of mid to senior-level managers and 50+ international companies.
  • Engage team members to forge a strong sense of belonging.

Creating a Community of Practice Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter with Geniopath’s™ Digital Tools

Communication Assessments. Skill Development Plans. Engagement Surveys.

People Style Profile™

Identify your communication preferences among 4 key styles. Learn what you’re a natural at doing well and what you do that could cause others to trip. Adapt your style to become a master of collaboration.

What’s your style?


SkillBuild Roadmap™

Rate yourself against the 15 must-have skills to be a contender in today’s work world. Learn to filter and prioritize targeted actions to build an immediate (and practical) 12-week development roadmap.

How strong are your skills?


Future-Ready Engagement Survey™

Your workforce anonymously rates their levels of engagement across 25 questions representing 5 key topics to reflect a current mindset in an age of global change. Rater responses are portrayed illustratively with summary narratives included.

Do you know what your workers think?


Want to create your own Community of Practice?



Available option to become certified in the Geniopath 12-Week Community of Practice program supported by training, presentation materials, digital tools and coaching.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Victoria’s Future Workplace Trends presentation was absolutely perfect. I walked away feeling more educated, empowered, and inspired to influence my company to take these points into consideration as we strategize for the future. She is amazing!”

Monica Pleasant

HR Leader, Edwards Lifesciences

“Turning ideas into actions takes ingenuity. Our teammate, Victoria Tucker (and her partners at ZBglobal), helped GoFed coalesce a team of veterans to internalize fundamental business concepts and create a venture dedicated to strengthening the industrial base and improving the supply chain. Mission First, People Always… Victoria lives this every day!”

Will Cambardella

Founder, GoFed

“Victoria’s insight on organizational development was crucial to helping me get the most from a very diverse team of extremely talented professionals. It was truly eye-opening to see organizational change unlock business transformation.”

Joe Smith, Ph.D., M.D.

CEO, Reflexion Health

“We were extremely pleased with the results we achieved through Victoria’s professional development coaching. She is so welcoming and made the experience very pleasant with a nice touch of humor on top of being organized and well-prepared. Through her challenging curriculum and expert coaching (which she tailored for our needs), we were able to really elevate our performance as a team!”

Bettyanne Breese

Director, Leading Bioscience Company


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