Victoria is proof that a lot can happen when a behavioral science background collides with learning and development, project management, digital tools expertise, and a cargo-sized-freight of tea. Science, technology, and grit have been her ingredients for thriving in eras of constant change.

It’s these elements that have formed the basis for having advised, presented to, and/or coached more than 25,000 individuals and to have consulted with the 100+ companies they represent (many of them Fortune 500) to achieve optimal performance. Having the right credentials (bachelor’s in behavioral science and master’s degree in organizational development) rounds out Victoria’s experience with necessary knowhow.


  • For the past couple of decades, Victoria has served as the Managing Director for ZBglobal.com, a team of thinkers and makers who apply social psychology and technology to work smarter via digital solutions that drive human and business performance. She continues to work with them, but in a consulting capacity as their Workforce Architect Aficionado. If clicks were hamburgers, ZBglobal has served up more than several million tasty morsels changing the digital landscape for many companies. 
  • Victoria’s background includes extensive experience with the University of California (Irvine and San Diego campuses) resulting in valuable and vetted insight. As a program advisor and instructor in the Continuing Education departments, she has helped launch multiple programs in Leadership Development, Innovation, Digital Tools, and Workplace Communication. While the Executive Director of Leadership & Management for Science & Technology Professionals, Victoria led significant research endeavors on Transferring Tribal Knowledge within organizations. This has formed the basis of her extensive expertise in establishing, and sustaining, communities of practice. 
  • As a life-long learner with unending curiosity, Victoria continually explores what is around the corner by digging into what distinguished thought leaders have to say. Workplace-shaping topics like The Hybrid Workplace, Mindfulness and the Neuroscience of Stress Management, Flash Mentoring, Communication via Digital Tools, and Knowledge Sharing are fueled by sources such as MIT-Sloan, Harvard Business Review, PEW Research, McKinsey & Company, World Economic Forum, SHRM, PMI, Deloitte, and others who provide valuable perspective.

According to Victoria

“My mission is about helping individuals, teams, and organizations work more bigly… to go from meh to something that inspires and ignites… to show up with an intent to contribute positively… to share the good stuff in one’s head while making room to learn more. As for motivation, it is my family that influences me on the deepest of levels. Now – if only they would let me join in on their ukulele jam sessions, I would be content. Alas, something about me playing badly….”


Every great working relationship starts with a conversation and there’s never any charge for that.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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