Greenwich Biosciences

Working with this fast-growing life science company has been an honor on a number of fronts:

Professional Team Development

A 12-week development program encompassing best practices for productivity, engagement, and collaboration (with an emphasis on working remotely) was crafted and delivered.  Two assessments – DISC™, and the People Style Profile™ were stitched into the program as the jumping off point for individual identification of strengths, gaps as well as providing a composite profile of the team at large. A Personal Action Plan for Development (based on project management principles) was designed and used with each team member culminating in a final presentation by each outlining their successful contributions and achievements during the program.

Translation of Complex Concepts into User-Friendly Graphical Communication

Conveying scientific findings, organizational approaches, and product descriptions via high-end graphical renderings reflecting corporate brand is no small undertaking. My team and I worked across a spectrum of mediums to deliver Investor Relation Presentation decks, Business Development pitch presentations, workbooks, legal guides and more.