The Managing Partners behind this independently owned consultancy approach their work with eagerness, curiosity and experience that reshapes the way learning occurs in the workplace. It was crucial for me to translate this enthusiasm (and couple it with their impressive track record) into a brand, and digital experience, that would have sticking power.

By working closely with the highly talented team at the Keith and June Agency, we crafted a brand in which no detail was ignored. Logo, voice, color, imagery, content and even the type of font used – were all meticulously addressed. Once this was done, the team at ZBglobal adeptly translated the brand guidelines into a stellar web experience.

The ability to listen deeply to what these entrepreneurs were looking for was paramount in standing up a digital presence that shines a bright light on their remarkable experience. The decades-long working relationship with ZBglobal and the Keith and June Agency makes it possible to offer a spectrum of services but at a fraction of the cost associated with “Big Box” firms. More importantly, it means more options without sacrificing great personal service.

Visit the LearningZenith site at: https://www.learningzenith.com