What a privilege to help stand-up MVPvets, a national 501(c)3, whose mission is to assist, and prepare, transitioning military veterans for meaningful employment in life science companies.

Endeavors included creating a brand for the organization that distinguished it from other VSOs (Veteran Service Organizations), the design and build of an interactive (and sophisticated) website, the crafting of a “single sign-on” learning management system (which included hundreds of materials like courses, videos and downloadable resources), automated job and mentor matching based on unique algorithms, smart profiles, searchable member directory, news, events, and more. Newsletters and automated messaging per “user type” were also created, managed, and tracked to help transition nearly 5,000 veterans from around the country into meaningful STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers.

Working with the innovative team at ZBglobal, many levels of expertise were leveraged to bring MVPvets’ mission to life including web development for integrated member communities and learning management systems, SEO/analytics, social marketing, assessments, webinars and visual media production. As the senior consultant on this project, I also brought project management oversight, and behind-the-scenes support, which included ongoing advisement to the organization’s management team and Board of Directors.