People Style Profile

This short online assessment provides insight into how people think and interact with others. It also helps individuals recognize differences in communication styles.

With its genesis in the renowned Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (MBTI), I built this assessment to reflect four dimensions that come together and signal a Signature Style: the primary mode through which individuals take in information and communicate with others. The signature styles are:

  • Maestro
  • Ambassador
  • Ideator
  • Firefighter

This assessment was designed to cross language barriers by referencing iconic imagery reflecting styles. In collaboration with other academically trained behavioral scientists (who like me have also been certified in administering the MBTI), we devised a shorter and simpler survey with dimensions reordered into a logical framework:

  • Taking in Information
  • Processing Information
  • Making Decisions (As a result of the information gathered and processed)
  • Implementing A Course of Action (Based on the decision arrived at)

To date, tens of thousands of users point to the People Style Profile™ as their reference in holding more meaningful professional development conversations. The People Style Profile Survival Guide™ was created to accompany this assessment and offers practical tips, techniques, and other best practices for interacting and communicating with others.