This global leader in the fields of synthetic biology and synthetic genomics, requested my expertise in tailoring the Workforce Engagement Survey for Life Sciences (originally developed for the LifeHR Association). I developed this online survey, correlated with the Gallup 12 Questions, to measure employee responses to actionable workplace components tied to performance outcomes.

Working in tandem with web developers at ZBglobal, we were able to deliver this online solution in a way that could be uniquely tracked by the organization. Before jumping into the design, the first order of business was to actively partner with the client in answering the “so what” of the engagement survey. In other words, helping the company identify their most pressing needs (and their resolve in implementing organizational change) was the precursor to any design work. The second tenet of the engagement was to underscore (and then help choreograph) transparency in communication with all levels of staff.

And, because of my background as a behavioral scientist, I was able to work closely with the leadership team to review data, leverage strengths, and recommend next steps for aligning engagement strategies with business goals.